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Health Resort Mánes Health Resort Mánes


The health-resort hospital Mánes is located on the outskirts of the health-resort zone, not far from the city centre and the spa colonnade. The healing springs are 10 minutes´ walk from the hospital. We offer accommodation in luxury rooms with all fittings, TV, SAT, telephone, fridge, and a safe, with internet connection. The hotel complex has its own car park. Directly in the building you can find the hotel restaurant with the possibility of special dietary catering, with a wide range of diets.  We offer the health-resort care in our own balneocomplex with the possibility of a wide range of healing procedures. The health-resort hospital Mánes is situated at a crossroads of forest sightseeing tracks – e.g. to the look-out tower Diana, the forest restaurant Linhart, or the “Deer Jump”.


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Křižíkova 13, 360 01 Karlovy Vary


Health Resort MánesHealth Resort MánesHealth Resort MánesHealth Resort MánesHealth Resort MánesHealth Resort Mánes
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