Answers about Czech Health SPAs

Every spa hotel has its own price list that is binding for us. As a mediator we receive a reward for our services.

Many spa hotels offer bargain packages of procedures created for specific medical problems including the accommodation. In this case, the price is set at clear level. Through you can also book only the accommodation and arrange the spa procedures once you reach your hotel. This however means to count with some extra money needed for the fees. We will be pleased to suggest the best services for you.

Since we continuously update our information we deactivate hotels that are temporarily closed for renovation. Once they are opened they will be advertised on our web page again.

Please contact our advertising manager by marketing[@] with all your AD needs.

Simply go to the main menu on the left side and find the name of your medical problem. All of the spas that appear after you click on the indication would be suitable for you. However if you have any specific issues we would suggest to fill either the treatment request form or if you are not quite sure the contact form.

Every spa hotel has its own policy and the level of penalty varies. Generally, the later you cancel your booked holiday the higher the fee.

Please fill out the form and we will be back ASAP.

Additional services/desires related to your stay