MERCUR spa house is located in Marianske Lazne, in the immediate vicinity of the Slavkov Forest. A beautiful landscape with mostly Art Nouveau architecture, clean air and quiet surroundings with mineral water springs create very favorable conditions for spa treatment and relaxation - rehabilitation stays.
MERCUR is located in the most beautiful area of the city directly opposite the colonnade with mineral springs. Mercur consists of two buildings and is after extensive reconstruction. Merkur has 78 beds in single and double rooms that are equipped with bathroom, television, refrigerator and telephone. For more demanding guests are apartments with a superb view of the colonnade with another dominant, Marienbad - Singing Fountain, available.
The house has its own spa with sauna, swimming pool, complete physical rehabilitation department, where experienced doctors and health workers provide preventive care, rehabilitation and spa procedures. Health insurance as well as self pay clients are welcome. All procedures - hydrotherapy, paraffin compresses, inhalations, magnetic, classic and reflex massages and treatments are planned in accordance with a list indicating the health status of clients. Dietary meals are served in the neighboring spa house.

Spa procedures

  • baňo natural carbónico
  • baňo seco de dióxido de carbono y de gas
  • baňo whirpool
  • climatoterapia
  • consulta médica
  • crioterapia
  • drenaje linfático
  • ECG
  • ejercicios de rehabilitación
  • ejercícios de respiración
  • ejercicios en la piscina
  • envoltura de mano con parafina
  • envoltura de turba
  • exámen espirométrico
  • fisioterapia
  • gimnasia
  • hidroterapia de burbujas
  • inhalaciones
  • inyecciones de gas
  • Lymfoven (instrumento para drenaje linfático)
  • masaje clásico
  • masaje reflexivo
  • masaje subacuático
  • natación de rehabilitación
  • parafinoterapia
  • sauna
  • terapia dietética
  • tratamiento basado en la ingestión de aguas minerales
  • tratamiento estufa
  • tratamiento estufa de turba y fango
  • tratamientos antiestrés
  • ultrasonido

Address & Map

Masarykova 25, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně