TOSCA  spa house is located in the center of Karlovy Vary near the spa spring Hot Spring in the immediate vicinity of St. Mary Magdalene church. Tosca consists of 6 interconnected buildings and provides complex spa treatment, diet meals and hotel accommodation with the possibility of full board and the opportunity to purchase a spa treatment.
Spa house TOSCA has 267 beds and offers accommodation in single and double rooms from affordable lower class rooms to high-quality rooms and spacious suites. The number of seats in the catering facilities covers the whole accommodation capacity. The catering facility offers a rich rational, biologically valuable food, including a diet for diabetics other metabolic diseases and diseases of the digestive tract. There is also a dance café in the hotel.

Spa procedures

  • acupuntura
  • baňo con aditivos
  • bańo mineral
  • baňo natural carbónico
  • baňo natural de sulfuro
  • baňo natural iodo-bromo
  • baňo natural termal
  • baňo seco de dióxido de carbono y de gas
  • baňo whirpool
  • consulta médica
  • drenaje linfático
  • ECG
  • ejercicios de rehabilitación
  • ejercícios de respiración
  • ejercicios en la piscina
  • envoltura de mano con parafina
  • fisioterapia
  • galvanoterapia
  • hidroterapia de burbujas
  • inhalaciones
  • inyecciones de gas
  • kinesiología
  • láser
  • Lymfoven (instrumento para drenaje linfático)
  • magnetoterapia
  • masaje clásico
  • masaje reflexivo
  • masaje subacuático
  • natación de rehabilitación
  • parafinoterapia
  • respiración endogénica
  • sauna
  • terapia de ducha esprey de agujillas
  • terapia dietética
  • tratamiento basado en la ingestión de aguas minerales
  • tratamiento de movimiento en el terreno
  • tratamiento estufa
  • ultrasonido

Address & Map

Moravská 8, Karlovy Vary