A gem among our Spa Hotels, located in the heart of the spa's pedestrian zone, offering excellent convalescence opportunities in a stylish atmosphere.
This recently reconstructed Wellness Hotel lies in the heart of the Spa, amidst a colourful scenery of parks, mineral springs, fountains and spa colonnades. It can offer you a luxurious accommodation in stylishly furnished rooms equipped with mini-bars, telephone, TV and Internet access. Hotel services include the lobby bar, a terrace and a period furniture restaurant.
The range of hotel spa treatments and medical services is comprehensive. A heated swimming pool with a massage programme, whirlpool, sauna, massages, inhalation and aromatherapy are available. Unique is a carbonated bath in a "golden bathtub".
Colonnade concerts, performances at the Spa Theatre and numerous sports activities contribute to the pleasant atmosphere and your convalescence.

Spa procedures

  • baňo con aditivos
  • bańo de vapor
  • bańo mineral
  • baňo natural carbónico
  • baňo whirpool
  • consulta médica
  • ECG
  • ejercícios de respiración
  • ejercicios en la piscina
  • envoltura de turba
  • hidroterapia de burbujas
  • inhalaciones
  • magnetoterapia
  • masaje aromaterapeútico
  • masaje clásico
  • masaje reflexivo
  • masaje subacuático
  • sauna
  • terapia dietética
  • tratamiento basado en la ingestión de aguas minerales
  • tratamiento de movimiento en el terreno
  • tratamiento estufa

Address & Map

Lázeňské náměstí 109, 763 26 Luhačovice