Number One Medical and Health SPA Town in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary / Carlsbad - The Most Famous Czech Health SPA

Interesting Facts

50 900 inhabitants
76 000 spa visitors per year
90 hotels
15 accessible mineral springs
26 parks
9 churches

Carlsbad is the main spa town in West Bohemia, 360 – 644 m above sea level. It was founded around 1350 by Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. Its grand thoroughfares and colonnades are surrounded by tranquil wooded hills crisscrossed with paths providing views down to the spa at the bottom of the valley – great to walk at any time of the year. A busy social calendar, numerous festivals and international conferences make this, the largest spa town in the Czech Republic.

At the spa visitors can enjoy 18-hote golf course - the oldest one in the Czech Republic, tennis courts, bowling and a number of swimming pools. The town also has museums with exhibitions devoted to nature, spas, porcelain and glass, a cinema, a theatre, dance halls, casinos and nightclubs.