Wayne M. Gore - Aug 15, 2018

The tradition of classic Karlovy Vary spa treatment is based on a unique natural resource — mineral water whose effects are proven by centuries of practice.

The quality of mineral water is unchanged over the centuries. Most elements of the periodic table are present in Karlovy Vary. More than 40 elements necessary for the human body are analysed here on a regular basis.

Carlsbad mineral water is formed at depths of about 2500 metres under the Earth’s surface. The public can access it in 15 sources that differ from each other by the temperature, composition and the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide. Each source is different and has different effects according to temperature and gas differences. In addition to the positive effect on the entire digestive tract and the locomotor system, it is also a good way to detoxify and cleanse the entire body.

Tips and Trick of Drinking Cure in Karlovy Vary

  • Carlsbad Thermal Mineral Water is a complex, highly concentrated mixture of natural substances that is not intended for permanent or unregulated use.
  • Carlsbad Thermal Water is recommended to be used only after consultation with the spa physician with the necessary erudition.
  • Carlsbad Thermal Mineral Water is recommended to be used close to the springs to achieve the full healing effects.
  • Carlsbad Thermal Mineral Water is recommended to be consumed exclusively from traditionally shaped porcelain or glass cups.
  • It is inappropriate to combine the curative with alcohol consumption or smoking tobacco products. Passive inhalation of tobacco smoke is also harmful.
  • Physical activity is also a part of the drinking treatment; it is therefore recommended to drink water during slow walks.
  • Drinking cure should take place without hurry in a relaxed and balanced atmosphere.
  • Drinking treatment is recommended to be repeated in prescribed periods.
  • Drinking cure is a small celebration, while other clients cannot be disturbed during the course of it.
  • Mineral water cannot be used to water surrounding plants and it is prohibited to pour it on the floors of the colonnade.
  • When removing water from the spring vase, you cannot touch the spring stand or the outflow pipes.


Indications for spa treatment in Karlovy Vary

Diseases of the digestive system

  • Certain stomach, oesophagus and intestinal diseases — both functional and organic, including reflux oesophageal disease
  • Upper stomach and duodenal diseases
  • Functional disorders such as habitual constipation
  • Post-intestinal infections and cure of parasitosis
  • An irritated trachea
  • Specific inflammation of the intestine — Crohn’s disease, idiopathic proctocytosis
  • Postoperative operations of the intestines, mandible, gall bladder and biliary tract
  • Chronic liver and gall bladder disease
  • Post-operative hepatitis and toxic liver damage
  • Chronic pancreatic disease
  • Post-acute pancreatitis
  • Post-transplantation of liver and pancreas

Metabolic disorders

  • Diabetes
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Gout

Diseases of the locomotive system

  • Degenerative disorders of the spine and large joints
  • Functional disorders of the spine

What is drinking cure

Drinking mineral water is the most important part of Karlovy Vary spa treatment. Follow the prescribed sources, amounts and durations of drinking. Drinking treatment is mainly done before meals. Drink mineral water from 200 grams (2 dl) cups for 3-10 minutes. 5-10 minute breaks between the cups are advised.


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