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Spa resorts and hotels set the prices by the level of services offered. In other words, hotels and resorts offer their services on Spa Resort platform for the prices they set and pay a small commission for this. I.e., our professional support does not in any way increase the final price a customer pays. Please fill out the request form at the bottom of this page, and we will let you know the prices of specific treatments.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend outpatient treatment for foreign guests. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, guests staying at the spa resort have priority in receiving the medical treatments, and since the medical facilities of the spa resorts are limited, especially in the summer season, there is simply not enough time for all the outside patients. That is why outpatient treatment is more often used by residents who are well-oriented and have an opportunity to place an order in advance. Secondly, a stay combined with the treatments has some advantages, especially the price – accommodation package is cheaper because of special taxation and convenience, so most often the supply of procedures, accommodation, and meals takes place "under one roof."

Certainly, most spa hotels and resorts offer online booking services. The rates will be the same. But you should understand that if you need a specialized treatment program, for example, oncology rehabilitation, postoperative rehabilitation or recovery after a heart attack/stroke or some others, a qualified support is necessary. Also, each spa resort protects its interests and tries to show its services in the best light, while we stand on the side of the patient and ensure that the chosen spa resort best corresponds to all the individual requirements. Among other things, the spa resorts located outside the well-known resorts of Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně have some hidden features that you need to keep in mind when placing an order. The most obvious are the language skills of the personnel, transport logistics, and transfers associated with this.

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It is quite difficult to list all the treatment programs here. The spectrum of spa resort treatment covers a wide range of indications. For a specific answer, please contact us by filling out the treatment request at the bottom of this page or a short feedback form.

Each treatment program is personalized, and it is impossible to specify what exactly the treatment program includes in advance, and it is determined after a doctor's examination upon arrival at a spa resort. It is only possible to determine the methods of treatment (groups of procedures) used for one or another indication.

The price of a program depends on many factors, for example, the season, the level of accommodation (3 * / 4 * / 5 *), intensity and duration of the program and others.

We wrote about weight loss programs in the health resorts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia earlier. You can read the article here.

For more specific information, please fill out a short treatment request form at the bottom of the page.

Yes, of course, bronchial asthma is one of the diseases of children (from 3 to 15 years) that can be treated in the Czech Republic. Duration of treatment is usually 21 days. Please fill out a short treatment request form at the bottom of the page or contact us using the feedback form to organize the treatment of your child.

Yes, there is such a rehabilitation program. For a detailed answer, please fill out a short treatment request form at the bottom of the page, and we will contact you shortly.

Back pain is not a disease in the true sense of the word. This is more of a sign that something is wrong. Back pain is often associated with poor posture and unhealthy lifestyle. Muscle tension may also cause it as a result of hard work, sport, falling, overloading or pregnancy. But back pain can also disturb patients with kidney infections or even with prostate cancer. Practice shows that only a quarter of cases of back pain are actually caused by the disease of the spine and adjacent structures. Therefore, we recommend to visit a doctor (or preferably two) first and get the right diagnosis. After that, please contact us to determine the treatment appropriate to your diagnosis.

Yes, of course, we wrote about the treatment of gynecological diseases and inflammations in detail in this article. If you want to get rid of Candida, please fill out the treatment request form at the bottom of this page, and we will contact you shortly.

Each of these resorts has its pros and cons, and the choice depends on your personal preferences and diagnosis if you are choosing a spa for treatment or rehabilitation. We wrote about the choice of the resort more in detail in our article. You can read the article here.

Perhaps it would be easier to list the diseases that are not treated in the spa resorts of the Czech Republic. If you are interested in a particular disease, please contact us, and we will let you know if an appropriate treatment course exists or not. Please fill out the treatment request at the bottom of the page.

We can recommend a resort that best suits you. Please describe your preferences, health issues that you would like to improve, and we will be able to recommend the best resort for you.

Contact us by filling out a short feedback form bellow.

Initially, we take into account all the preferences, primarily for treatment, but also organizational issues, and try to agree on the optimal curative program and time of arrival. At the next stage, a tentative reservation of your treatment is made in the centralized system of spa resorts booking, and then we send you an invoice. After that, a deposit of 10 to 100% of the invoice should be paid (this depends on how much time remains before the treatment starts). For example, if treatment begins in three months or more, 10% deposit is sufficient. The amount of the deposit is determined by the number of available places in the spa resort. Once the deposit is received, the reservation of your treatment is booked and confirmed for you, and a treatment program voucher in your name is issued as a confirmation. 30 days before the start of treatment, you need to pay the balance to cover the entire cost of your treatment program.

Spa resorts require payment for treatments in advance for one simple reason - the program of spa resort treatment is very different from a hotel stay. Mainly, this is influenced by the presence of a treatment component, which must be clearly planned ahead. That is why, if a client refuses a program ordered earlier, the spa resort incurs disproportionately large losses compared to a hotel that only has an unoccupied room.

The procedure is standard, in each of our contracts with the spa resort there is a "cancellation terms" paragraph. Resort policies vary slightly, but in general, we can say that if a booking is canceled, 30 days or more before the commencement of a trip, the refund is 100% (excluding the bank charges). Further, the retained amount is from 10 to 100%, depending on the time that remains before the trip. This often depends on the of the hotel's position, and we stand on the client's side and try to minimize losses, especially if confirmed serious circumstances is the cause of the cancellation. In any case, we propose to either move the dates or change the names of guests - these changes are usually free or can be done at a minimal cost.

Our company is a subject of entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and, unfortunately, can not provide such services directly. However, after confirming the order, we issue a so-called voucher for your order - that in combination with the transportation reservation and the availability of insurance is the basis for issuing a Schengen visa. If you find that the consular officials require any additional documents, we usually contact the relevant consulate and solve the issue in favor of our client. However, the issuance of a visa may be refused, although this happens very rarely, if the necessary conditions on your part are fulfilled.

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