Bill Alen - Jan 18, 2018

Collective description of various diseases of the joints or inflammation in the joints is called arthritis (from the Latin arthritis is aching in the joints). Arthritis belongs to the category of degenerative diseases, affected can be any joints, but most often large joints of the lower extremities (hip and knee joint), as well as small joints of the hands and spine.

Causes of arthritis

Simply, arthritis is the wear and tear of articular cartilage due to excessive load, which leads to a serious disease of the joint itself. The main symptoms of arthritis are the pain, swelling, sometimes excitement. The cause of arthritis is not fully clarified. This disease of the musculoskeletal system disorder often occurs by congenital or acquired defects. For arthritis, genetics remains the most important factor. Typical is also the rapid development of arthritis in the joint after injuries. Different types of joints may be affected by various factors, for example, arthritis of the knee occurs predominantly in age, obesity and occupational stress in some sports (tennis, football). For arthritis of the hip joints, the excess weight is a minor factor, mechanical and genetic factors are paramount. To mechanical factors applies above all strains will in sport, heavy physical work, etc.

Treatment of arthritis

Arthritis requires a conservative approach, especially moderation in movement, reducing weight if necessary, special exercises, special diets. There is also a whole range of anti-rheumatic drugs. Often it is difficult for a person to cope with all this complex of measures, and pain comes. An indispensable place for rehabilitation and treatment of arthritic joints is the resort. That is a spa treatment used to reduce pain in the joints and maintain maximum range of mobility and muscle strength under the supervision of experts. Also, at the resort we'll help you to acquire proper eating habits, show a set of exercises that are right for you and generally teach you how to take care of your body, taking into account problems with the joints. 

Spa treatment of arthritis in the Czech Republic

Health Spa treatment of arthritis in the Czech Republic is based on the use of natural healing resources, therapy, and professional rehabilitation. Much attention is paid to individual physical education and catering. Typical treatments aimed at treating arthritis include hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation exercises, massages, mud therapy, gas injections, magnetic therapy. But it is necessary to bear in mind that there are so many health resorts, so many treatment programs because each resort develops treatment programs based on local sources. For example, the Jahimov Spa mainly uses radon therapy (bath in water rich in radon), this procedure improves joint mobility and increases the body's immunity. Frantiskovy Lazne uses sulfur-rich peat for the treatment of joints. Sulfur compounds and natural steroids in peat have a beneficial effect on chronic inflammation and help regenerate joints. Also, here we use the procedure of General or local cryotherapy which reduces pain in the joints, positive effect on inflammatory processes in the affected joints, improve the immune system and release endorphins, which improves mood in patients with arthritis and so on.

In other words, the number of medicinal products, specialized treatment programs in Czech health resorts is impressive to understand what will help you to ease joint pain and recovery; please contact us ASAP.


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