Quick Facts About Czech Curative SPA Destinations

Karlovy Vary / Carlsbad - The Most Famous Czech Health SPA

Interesting Facts

50 900 inhabitants
76 000 spa visitors per year
90 hotels
15 accessible mineral springs
26 parks
9 churches

Carlsbad is the main spa town in West Bohemia, 360 – 644 m above sea level. It was founded around 1350 by Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. Its grand thoroughfares and colonnades are surrounded by tranquil wooded hills crisscrossed with paths providing views down to the spa at the bottom of the valley – great to walk at any time of the year. A busy social calendar, numerous festivals and international conferences make this, the largest spa town in the Czech Republic.

At the spa visitors can enjoy 18-hote golf course - the oldest one in the Czech Republic, tennis courts, bowling and a number of swimming pools. The town also has museums with exhibitions devoted to nature, spas, porcelain and glass, a cinema, a theatre, dance halls, casinos and nightclubs.

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Marianske Lazne / Marienbad - Unique Health SPA Town

Interesting Facts

14 000 inhabitants
68 spa hotels
7 pavilions with mineral springs
160ha of parks
6 churches

Marienbad lies in a beautiful wide valley in West Bohemia, 576 – 626 m above sea level. An almost 20 km wide strip of forest crisscrossed with numerous hiking trails passes right through the spa. Marienbad enjoys an excellent reputation around the world both for its treatment methods and effective natural curative resources, and for its picturesque, enchanting surroundings.

A real pearl among the local neo-classical buildings is the spa colonnade erected in 1889; the spa district is dominated by the so-called ‘Singing Fountain’ which provides entertainment in the form of music and light performances.

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Frantiskovy Lazne / Franzensbad - Gynecology Treatment Therapy

Interesting Facts

5 500 inhabitants
66 hotels
23 mineral springs
55 000 spa visitors per year
250ha of parks

Frantiskovy Lazne has preserved its early 20th-century atmosphere and is regarded as one of the most picturesque spas in the country thanks to its neo-classical spa buildings and pavilions. The spa has a gentle climate typical of foothill country, incredibly clean air and a tranquil ambience without the hustle and bustle of town life. The surrounding parkland is ideal for walks to the sound of promenade music.

Visitors can enjoy numerous sport facilities, the Aqua forum water world, natural resort Komorni Hurka or visit a nearby castle Seeberg.

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Interesting Facts

3 400 inhabitants
10 hotels
4 balneocentres
3 churches

Jachymov is situated in a deep wooded valley in the foothills of the Krusne Mountains. This rugged landscape provides breathtaking views at any time of year. At the beginning of the 20th century a rich supply of radon was found in the former silver mines which lead to the foundation of the spa. The treatments on offer here are associated with discoveries made by Marie Curie and one of the springs is named after her.

In the town and surrounding area there are tennis courts, a bowling, fitness centres and also downhill and cross-country skiing and cycling trails into the Krusne Mountains.

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Janske Lazne

Interesting Facts

917 inhabitants
30 mineral springs
29,7°C warm spring discovered in 11th century
2 churches

Janske Lazne, an alternative gateway into the highest mountains in the Czech Republic, the Krkonose range, is situated 670 m above sea level. There is something for everyone in the town with the Krkonose National Park, skicentres and unique tourist attractions nearby. The omnipresent fresh mountain air has a positive effect on those who take regular exercise.

The surrounding area is a great place for all kinds of sports. There are top ski centres with all kinds of cable cars and ski lifts, downhill slopes and cross-country courses, mini golf, a swimming pool, sports equipment hire and a network of cycle trails.

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Interesting Facts

13 100 inhabitants
1st hydrotherapy spa in the world
1160 m long colonnade
80 mineral springs

The town of Jesenik, sometimes called the pearl of the Jeseniky Mountains, is situated in the far north of Moravia. Some 80 springs rise in the countryside around Jesenik and every single one has a name. Beautiful walks to the springs are one of the most popular activities in Jesenik. The spa has excellent weather at all times of the year. The first hydrotherapeutic institute was founded here and run by local doctor Vincenz Priessnitz, sometimes called ‘the water doctor’ and this made the Jesenik area known around the world as the birthplace of modern hydrotherapy.

Visitors have at their disposition several tennis courts, mini golf, squash courts, bowling, a swimming pool, sports equipment hire and go carting. There are superb conditions in the area for hiking and cycling, and in winter it is a great place to ski and skate.

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Karlova Studanka

Interesting Facts

250 inhabitants
400 spa visitors per year
800 m above see level
6 spa houses

Karlova Studanka can be found nestling in the valley of the Bila Opava River in the Hruby Jesenik range 800 m above sea level. It is probably the most delightful spa in the country and can boast of a tradition going back 200 years. It is surrounded by thick, unspoilt forest with the cleanest air in the Czech Republic. This is a tiny town on the side of Praded Mountain with one main street, where you will find a relaxing spa park dotted with pavilions, curative mineral springs and a unique geological exhibition as well as some wonderful little caves.

The surrounding mountainous terrain is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. In winter there is excellent skiing (downhill and cross-country) even after dark.

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Interesting facts

5 500 inhabitants
5th largest spa in the Czech Republic
18 mineral springs
23 hotels 

The town of Luhačovice is located in an enchanting valley in the protected area White Carpathians in the southeast of Moravia. The tradition of the Luhačovice is three centuries long. The original architecture in the town is in harmony with the surrounding landscape. It was designed by well known architect Dušan Jurkovič.

In the city there are sports centers, indoor swimming pools, a sauna, a solarium, fitness centers, tennis courts, sports fields, a miniature golf course, bowling and sports equipment rentals. The surrounding countryside is ideal for hiking, cycling and horse riding.

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Interesting Facts

13 200 inhabitants
13 000 spa visitors per year
16 mineral springs
5 churches
11 spa houses

The spa began to develop here in the 17th century and is situated between two parks where thick forest extends along both sides of the river Elbe. Its relatively low elevation above sea level (189 m), the surrounding flat landscape, stable year-round climate and spring water are the main reasons the spa is popular with patients suffering from heart disease. The tranquil idyllic surroundings are ideal for patients and hiking and cycling enthusiasts alike. Podebrady is also an ideal place for holding small conferences and meetings.

Visitors can enjoy numerous sport facilities such as tennis courts, golf and mini golf courses, a swimming pool, surfing, yachting, angling, volleyball courts, shooting range, horse riding, squash courts, skittles, walking and cycling trails, horse riding along the Elbe, trips into the Bohemia Paradise protected area.

Video: Lázně Poděbrady

Teplice nad Becvou

Interesting Facts

354 inhabitants
9 spa houses
3 mineral springs

Teplice nad Becvou is in the valley of the River Becva 40 km east of Olomouc. The beauty of the local countryside can be seen everywhere one looks. The unique Zbrasovske aragonite caves with doughnut shaped mineral formations can be found in the spa district. The spa houses are situated in wonderful parkland and part of the complex stands on the river bank providing soothing views across the water.

Tennis, mini golf, fitness, snooker and table tennis are all available at the spa. The surrounding area lends itself to hiking and cycling.

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Interesting Facts

51 200 inhabitants
2000 years ago mineral springs discovered
4 spa houses
16 hotels

Teplice is situated in the foothills of North Bohemia’s Krusne Mountains in a pleasant, tranquil setting of parks, fountains, trees and green areas. It is the oldest spa in Central Europe with a 2,000 year old tradition. The charm of this place overcame many a noble family and artist who nicknamed Teplice ‘Little Paris’ and the ‘Salon of Europe’.

Tennis, squash, golf, mini golf, horse riding and an aqua centre are all available in Teplice. The surrounding countryside is also good for walking and cycling and in winter there are excellent conditions for downhill and crosscountry skiing.

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