Marienbad SPA - high quality medical wellness and health care treatment

Marianske Lazne / Marienbad - Unique Health SPA Town

Interesting Facts

14 000 inhabitants
68 spa hotels
7 pavilions with mineral springs
160ha of parks
6 churches

Marienbad lies in a beautiful wide valley in West Bohemia, 576 – 626 m above sea level. An almost 20 km wide strip of forest crisscrossed with numerous hiking trails passes right through the spa. Marienbad enjoys an excellent reputation around the world both for its treatment methods and effective natural curative resources, and for its picturesque, enchanting surroundings.

A real pearl among the local neo-classical buildings is the spa colonnade erected in 1889; the spa district is dominated by the so-called ‘Singing Fountain’ which provides entertainment in the form of music and light performances.