Angina Pectoris – Danger of a Heart Attack

Do you feel sometimes pain in your chest? Then be careful. This pain often points to the problem that there is something going wrong with your heart or arteries. It can be angina pectoris that often shows up as a prophet predicting heart attack coming soon!

Angina pectoris shows up as an attack of pain in the chest, that is usually often caused by increased physical activity or stress, so in cases when the heart does not get enough oxygen.

There are two types of this disease: chronic angina pectoris and acute angina pectoris, the second of them being more dangerous than the first, because the acute angina pectoris often predicts a heart attack.

Going to doctor and using right medication is the most important thing to do to heal this disease. The second important thing is to avoid stress. Relaxing is a very important factor especially by this disease and as we all know in is often not very easy to avoid stress. An ideal place for relaxation is the spas. There is no chance to get caught by stress in the spas: The health spas have also an advantage they have experience and very good results in curing of heart diseases and rehabilitation after operation.


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