Alec Hills - May 5, 2016

Almost every person suffers once upon a time from a back pain. Two thirds of population suffers from back pain even more times than once in their lives.  The causes of back pain can be very different as well as it´s severity and length.  What can you do for prevention? And when you already suffer from back pain: What is the best way of treatment?
Only 7 % of the patients who come to the doctor to cure their back pain suffer from the so called chronic back pain. Chronic back pain lasts usually more than 12 weeks without a pause. The major cause of such pain is the wear of spine and spinal discs.  The most common problem people suffering from back pain visit doctors with are the move- and poise- elements of the back such as problems with spinal muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The reasons of these disorders are lack of exercise, bad posture and overload. The good news?  According to Dr. Kalousek:  that everybody can do something to prevent or cure the back pain. He recommends: specific back exercises and physiotherapy. He adds: “Overweight is also one of the most common causes of back pain. In case the patient is overweight is the weight loss necessary.“  Good shoes and back-friendly mattresses can also do a very good job.
 Also the acute back pain such as lumbago which does not disappear after a short time, needs also to be cured professionally. Numbness and muscle weakness needs also professional treatment. Dr. Kalousek warns:  “Pain radiating to back can have also much more severe causes such as kidney colic, pancreas inflammation, gallbladder colic or inflammation.” That is why it is always advisable to visit the doctor.
 After the patient has been diagnosed recommends Dr. Kalousek, to attend professionally lead physiotherapy, the best in a stress less surrounding. A stay in the Czech health spas is according to him an ideal solution.

Professional physiotherapy is what many spa facilities in the Czech Republic concentrate on. Stress is an element that slows down the healing process. Since Czech health spas are situated in very nice locations and physiotherapy is  a part of vacation there is supposed to be no stress which would harm the healing process.


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