Pat Hyland - Aug 14, 2018

Urinary tract infections are not one of the serious diseases. However, they are repeatedly reluctant due to several factors. If a woman undergoes treatment, there is a risk that the disease will go into a chronic stage where treatment is more complex.

Inflammations are most often infectious, and the source of infection is not usually bacteria from the outside, but from the surface of one’s own body, around the urethra. They originate primarily from the intestines. Factors such as cold, mechanical irritation (e.g. excessive intercourse, longer cycling, etc.) or some chemicals can cause mild urinary tract inflammation, which, unlike infectious inflammation, is not so intense and usually disappears within a short time after the causes disappear.

Cold is not the main cause of infectious inflammations

Women often mistakenly think that their colds may be the reason for their regular problems. According to physicians, coldness can, under certain circumstances, also encourage the development of infectious lower urinary tract infections. Some microbes are better propagated at a temperature slightly below the body temperature. Additionally, the blood supply of a number of tissues decreases with a lower temperature. The main cause of infectious inflammation, however, is not cold.

Other factors have a bigger influence on the development or recurrence of urinary tract infections, some congenital malformations or acquired urinary tract diseases, diabetes, vaginal inflammation in women, and men in some sexually transmitted diseases. The rate of risk of urinary tract inflammation is also affected by the individual’s fluid intake.

Inflammation of the upper urinary tract or kidneys (ureters, renal pelvis and rectal system of the kidneys, kidneys) usually arises “ascendantly”, following the infection from the lower urinary tract up into the upper urinary tract — mostly as a complication of untreated or very strong inflammation of the lower urinary tract. Double-sided back pain in the lumbar region after cooling is more likely to arise from the locomotory system, not from the kidneys. The kidneys themselves are surrounded by a strong fat lip even in lean individuals and the blood flow to the kidneys is great. These anatomical-psychological conditions adequately protect the kidneys from cold.


Proper treatment is the basis

The onset of infections is mostly manifested by burning and cutting during urination. Those who have already experienced this disease can usually detect the early onset of infection. In such cases, symptoms are often eliminated without the help of a doctor. It is recommended to keep warm and improve your drinking regime, in which one should also include urological teas. It is also worthwhile to have liquorice drops that work against all strains of staphylococcal bacteria that cause urinary tract and kidney disease.

However, if symptoms increase or if others occur, medical help should be sought. When tests show that the urinary tract is infected by bacteria, only antibiotics can help. If there is a frequent recurrence of inflammation, specific and long-term treatment with lower doses of antibiotics should be chosen.

Proper hygiene important

The basis of success in the fight against repeated infections is to adhere to proper hygiene, a regular drinking regime — at least 2.5 litres of fluids per day, proper cleaning after performing needs is commonplace. Unprotected sexual intercourse and inadequate washing increases the risk of infection. If, despite adequate hygiene, you experience problems after sexual intercourse, it will be beneficial to go to the toilet just after contact. Fresh urine is sterile, and it pours out potential bacteria.

The vaginal cream also has a significant effect. Do not sit on cooler surfaces and have warm enough clothing. Furthermore, regular emptying is important. Urine, which accumulates for a long time in the bladder, poses a favourable environment for bacterial growth. Appropriate underwear will also play its part and should preferably be cotton and not too tight. Avoid perfumed cosmetic products, such as perfumed napkins, soaps and bath foams.


Natural Health Spa Treatment Helps

Bathing in mineral springs can have curative effects. Sources consisting of a lot of sodium and sulphate are quite beneficial. Their releasing effects on the entire musculature are significant, relieving the cramped muscles around the contested infections.

Moor and peat baths and wraps can also help. Moor and peat contain a large amount of organic substances and can deeply warm the body. Overheating results in increased blood flow and acceleration of metabolism, and harmful substances then leave the body faster. Moor also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and improves the immunity.

But for moor to have the right effect, it must first be processed properly. Natural moor wraps are one of the most respected forms of thermal therapy that relieve muscle contractions and relaxes the whole body. Moor contains a large number of organic and mineral substances, which, with the help of thermal support, come into our body and have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative effects, as well as beneficial effects for the skin.

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