Diabetes & smoking – a killing combination

Diabetics who smoke are, according to researchers, more likely to suffer from kidney damage, eye damage, heart disease, and early death.  It may contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.  Smoking seems to increase the risk of heart disease for diabetics, in fact, greatly. The facts were also confirmed by an extensive study provided by www.centers.org , detox and rehabilitation treatment centers in USA.

People who wish to stop smoking are recommended to: evaluate their smoking history; seek an expert’s or doctor’s advice on how to quit; obtain reading material on the subject of quitting; regulate their feelings towards quitting, in an effort to remain determined and optimistic; and continue to seek counsel even after having quit.

Special programmes for patient with diabetics are developed in the Czech health sanatoriums in Karlsbad, Podebrady and Luhacovice SPA. Patients are treated in order to eliminate / reduce consequences of the disease.


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