Ashley Nault - May 2, 2018

Diabetes has become a feared illness of the present times. Thus far, we cannot cure it, but diabetic health can be improved by drinking mineral spring therapy cure. Combine pleasant and useful; go for a special stay in Czech Spa!

In Bohemia, the oldest yet proved tradition of diabetes treatment is in Karlovy Vary. Already in 1815, Dr. Hufeland recommended Carlsbad Spa for the treatment of sugar dysentery, which is the professional name of this disease. Until the discovery of insulin in the twenties of the last century, diabetics could not be treated in any other way.

Drinking Cure in Karlovy Vary

Treatment always consisted primarily of liquid diet therapies. The Karlovy Vary Spring Fountain System is truly unique. They boast mineralization at 6.5 g per litter, so every day they drain to the surface about 19 tons of salt, while the water composition does not change, still accurate to micrograms.

The spa physician prescribes the composition of the drinking cure. You will get an accurate breakdown of the sources you should use and information on how much and how long it is to drink. The most critical part of Karlovy Vary spa treatment is a drinking cure. Karlovy Vary mineral springs for liquid therapy comes from 12 springs; these vary in temperature and amounts of gaseous carbon dioxide.

The temperature of the individual springs ranges from 43 °C to 72 °C and water is used only on prescription, and mainly before meals. Thermal water is consumed slowly by taking many small sips, preferably while taking a walk. You should drink a cup of 2 dl in 3 to 10 minutes. A short break of 5 to 10 minutes is recommended between each cup. There are 47 elements necessary for the organism in the Karlovy Vary sources, their beneficial effects affect the whole organism and improvement of health condition and increased immunity to the influence of genetic and civilization load.


Thermal springs have positive effects not only on blood sugar levels.

Drinking thermal spring water leads to a metabolic adjustment not only in sugar but also in fat in the liver. Also, the regular use leads to mechanical purification of the organism, hot strands cause blood circulation and loosening of the mucosa, soothe the mobility of the stomach and intestines, thereby improving the absorption of the minerals contained in the water and starting the correct metabolism.

Positive influence on the reduction of insulin resistance was demonstrated in Karlovy Vary already at the end of the last century. After a three-week drinking treatment, an inseparable part of an elaborate spa treatment, proven amounts of insulin are needed to treat the same amount of sugars as before treatment. People with type 2 diabetes often reduce the dose of tablets or insulin. By adhering to recommended dietary meals and physical activity, a positive effect persists in up to 80% of patients treated for another year.

Dieting and physical activity is an integral part of spa treatment. The goal is to maintain good diabetes and maximum weight compensation, achieve satisfactory blood fat and blood pressure, prevent acute complications such as hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and reduce the risk of developing late complications.

It’s recommended to stay 21 days for the diabetes treatment, and its positive effects will last you for 6 months or up to 1 year. For most diseases, it is advisable to repeat the spa treatment about once a year; however, it’s always better to consult the suitability of repeat treatment before the end of your stay with your physician.


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