Alec Hills - Jan 25, 2017

Do you suffer from diabetes?  You should be more careful! If do you brake your bone, the healing could be quite comlicated.

It´s known, the body of patients with diabetes is almost permanently in an inflammatory state, because the metabolism doesn´t function well.  This leads to increased production of inflammated neurotransmitter.  Recent research indicates that  the neurotransmitters in tissue influence the healing of the bones. The U.S. scientist observed the healingsprocess of a bone of a mouse who is suffering from diabetes.

According to their latest studies, the fractions are healing slower by diabetes patients. They warn, neurotransmitter could prevent the normal healing of the bone fractures. Due to the fact diabetes causes as well decreasing of bone density in bone tissue, which increases the risk of bone fractures and also delay healing. The researchers believe that a higher activity of  osteoclast slows the healing process.

Healing of the bone fracture is a very long process anyway. The best choice is to choose a specialist and then you can enjoy your  time in the spa . Variety of procedures can help to ease off your pain.


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