Dan Rang - Dec 7, 2016

The theory of losing weight sounds simple: To receive less energy, than to give out. Everybody knows that putting this theory into practice isn’t an easy task. What exactly happens with the fat cells when we put on and loose weight? Do the fat cells disappear?

If we start putting on weight the cells become bigger and bigger, but only to certain extend. If there is Energy the fat cells are not any more able to store, our body is in fact forced to create new fat cells, which can store energy in the form of fat.

People who have once put on weight (whose fat cells multiplied) are more likely to put on weight again, because by losing weight the fat cells never disappear. They only shrink. That is why it is so dangerous when for instance children put on eight. They can lose the fat but never the cells again and are more likely to be overweight when they grow older.

The best method how to lose weight forever is to accept a new lifestyle, but not only for the time of reducing weight but forever.

The first step that can help is finding an expert who can create an individual program. Getting used to a new lifestyle is mostly the most difficult task. One is tempted by everything. That is why is a spa stay ideal choice for starting of changing lifestyle. One can avoid the temptation at least at the beginning. Dietary experts create an individual program and help you with getting used to the new lifestyle. After the stay is everything in you hands again!


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