Depression Can Cause a Heart Attack. How Can a Heart Attack Cure Your Depression!

Depression has been a very common disorder these days. Everybody knows what this disease is all about. There is also a thing that is not so known: Depression can also cause a heart attack.

Why? This question is very easy to answer. The Depression causes many risk factors, which lead afterwards to a heart attack. For example the people who suffer from depression do not move so much as healthy people. They do not feel power to do sport. Depression goes also hand in hand with chronic stress. This is also not good for arteries and heart. You can also not sleep properly and your arteries and heart suffer.

People suffering from depression are also unconcentrated and desperate and they do not pay attention to their state of health. They do not take any medicaments even if they have many risk factors that cause a heart attack.

What is very curious about this all is that a heart attack can also heal the depression. Face to face death the people often realize what is really important and their brain starts working properly again.

This healing method is not to recommend. It does not work in 100% and having depressions after suffering a heart attack shortens the life extension. What to do? First of all you should definitely meet he doctor. Right medication can help for a while. A stay in a spa can also help. It protects you from stress, you can start being active there again, you get a massage that helps healing not only your body but soul. There are also experts you can talk to whenever you need. So start living again.


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