High Blood Pressure Puts Your Life in Danger

High blood pressure is not painful and often people do not know for a very long time they already suffer from it. This is a problem because sometimes the hidden danger is more dangerous than the obvious one.

To have up to 140/90 mmHg is considered to be normal. If you have higher blood pressure than this you suffer in fact from an illness which is called hypertension. There are two types of this disease. The primary hypertension is the one when the high blood pressure is not caused by any other disease. This type is also the most common one. By the secondary hypertension is the high blood pressure caused by another illness (for example various kidney diseases or diseases of the thyroid can be the cause of high blood pressure). Only 10-15 % of people who have high blood pressure have the secondary type of the disease.

Hypertension is a very dangerous disease. It causes closing of veins and arteries.  High blood pressure is also risk factor of a heart attack. With diabetes is high blood pressure the leading risk factor of a heart attack.

Are there any symptoms? How can you recognize that you suffer from high blood pressure?

At the beginning you can ´t feel that you suffer from high blood pressure at all. If you feel something not normal are these feelings often uncertain. To the symptoms of high blood pressure belongs headache, extended heart beating or sleeping disorders.

What to do against high blood pressure?

Dr. Kalousek from spa-resorts says: “Right medication can sink the high blood pressure. Overweight people suffering from hypertension should first of all lose the weight. Healthy lifestyle is also very important for everybody. First of all should all people who have high blood pressure avoid stress. A spa treatment can help with sinking  blood pressure. You can loose your weight and at the same time spend wonderful time completely without having stress.”

You should start fighting high blood pressure as soon as possible. It is a very dangerous disease and you live only once!


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