Health Adviser: High Heels – Why Are Your Feet Aching?

Every woman in the world wants to be sexy. Every woman wants to have long thin legs. The thing that at least optically helps your legs to look longer is high heels. So every woman wants to have at least one pair of high heels shoes at home.

But be careful you foot while wearing high is in an unnatural position, which aches and also deforms the toes. The newest health research made by Institute for Aging Research of Hebrew Senior Life in Boston, USA explains why it is so. Let’s have a look at the numbers. The research studied feet of 3300 men and woman. The subjects were asked what kind of shies they prefer to wear. 64% of woman who prefer wearing high heels suffer from foot pain.

Why is that?  It is mainly because your ankle and heel is very shaky while walking and the second reason is that the high heels do not spring, which is really not good for the joints health.

How to avoid the pain? Wear the high heels only for special occasions, for daily wearing wear more comfortable shoes?

What to do if you already suffer from pain? Change your shoes, go for massage therapies. Give your feet a rest. Warmth and relaxation is basically good for healing on pain of your joints, your feet is not an exception. For example, Czech health spas concentrate on healing of all arts of joint pain, or do you really want to swallow pills all your life?


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