Kidney Stones and their Victims

Kidney stones are collections of salts or minerals that come together in the kidney or urinary tract to form small balls, some as small as sand and some as large as golf balls.  They cause pain in the sides or groin, and they often cause blood to be present in the urine.

When the levels of water, salt, acids, and minerals in the urine become unbalanced, kidney stones can form. Low fluid consumption, strenuous exercise, and dehydration can cause these stones to appear.

Men are more prone to getting kidney stones once they reach forty years of age, and they continue to be more and more susceptible until they reach their seventy’s.  Women are at their most susceptible during their fifty’s. 

People who have a family history of kidney stones are also more likely to get them.  People who’ve already had multiple kidney stones are likely to become victims of even more. Doctor Kalousek from Czech health SPA treatment company, states that statistically a number of patient with kidney stones indication growths worldwide. However, many people do not realize that some get rid of stones in kidneys in many cases possible by going through health spa treatment in special sanatoriums. For example such an exceptional place for natural treatment of patient with kidney stones is provided in Marienbad, one of the famous Czech SPA town.


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