Joe McClain - May 2, 2018

Manual lymphatic drainage is a tactile technique that affects the lymphatic system of the body. The goal is to support lymph drainage from tissues (swelling of limbs and their prevention, scars, cellulite, detoxification of the body, strengthening of immunity, relaxation).

Lymphatic massages will start to change the body, help with headaches, mothers with breastfeeding, get rid of cellulite, restore pure skin without pimples, provide your face without loose lids and pouches ... just to put into operation the body cleanser - the lymphatic system.

In a classical massage, the masseur focuses on muscles, tendons that have a strong force. In the case of lymphatic massage, the soft pressure is exerted on the subcutaneous tissue in which the lymphatic system is located. The subcutaneous tissue is massaged by slow, circular and spiral mucous membranes, thereby restoring and increasing lymph circulation. Lymph nodes (bean-like) work as filters through which the lymph vessels (clear fluid) flow through the lymph vessels. The nodules are white blood cells that control the leakage. An adult has several hundred knots. The lymphatic system's cleansing organs include, also nodes, cervical, nasal and palatal almonds, an appendix, thymus, spleen.

The lymphatic system does not have its own pump as the heart system has a blood system and is, therefore, more susceptible to a transport disorder. Cure based on the activation of the lymphatic system prevents the accumulation of water and waste substances in the subcutaneous tissue, but also the growth of fatty tissue. They improve metabolism and are some prevention of cancer.

Total Body Massage serves primarily for detoxification and body regeneration. It stimulates the entire lymphatic system. Women, unlike men, need to encourage the lymph flow more often. This is because the male subcutaneous ligament is stronger and forms a solid transverse grid, while women have a subcutaneous ligament, weaker longitudinally anchored; it slows down faster, and thus lymphatic circulation loses its intensity. Indulge in a massage when you feel long-term fatigue or when you're about to lose weight. For successful detoxification of the body, at least three massages are required at weekly intervals.

The lymphatic massage of the lower half of the body. It has a beneficial effect as prevention against cellulitis, removes the feeling of heavy legs, and especially visibly (after 3 massages) removes swelling. Regular massage will reduce the volume of thighs and buttocks. It is also one of the preventions of spasm. It will help you after injuries to the lower limbs. Massage of the upper half of the body removes swelling of the upper limbs; it influences skin cleansing.

Young mothers should also be allowed to breastfeed because they support breastfeeding or milk production. The therapist determines the frequency individually; it is also good to supplement the massage with the correct setting of the drinking regime.

Head and face massage; think about it if your head often hurts. It also removes swollen lids and intraocular pressure. It has a beneficial effect as a supportive effect in the fight against acne. Frequency or regularity of massage again depends on the specific skin condition. Massages should not be performed during viral infections, bacterial diseases and antibiotic therapy, cancer, high blood pressure, thrombosis and acute venous and skin inflammation.


Manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage?

Manual or mechanical lymphatic massage, what do you prefer? Lymphatic drainage systems work on different principles, but most often on so-called advancing pressure waves. The body parts are placed in special hoods, and their individual chambers create a progressive pressure at programmed intervals to effectively replace the muscular pump. This creates light, regular pressure waves you feel from the tips of the feet or ankles through the calves, thighs, and hips. Then the pressure is released and the wave " running" again. You feel like pleasant feelings. Otherwise, wavelength or other settings will change. Manual lymphatic massage is a real guarantee that body detoxification and overall regeneration will occur. The most obvious effect is, of course, removal of swelling. Mechanical massage will do a great deal of work on the lower limbs - it will be a good hand massage. But before instrumental drainage, it is necessary first to manually open the inguinal nodes, but also the main interconnection between the lymphatic and venous system above the clavicle, or even the large cervical nodule. Manually propulate standing lymph and nodes to empty. If we do not, then the lymph does not flow out of the lymphatic system into the bloodstream. Its volume does not diminish in the lymphatic system, and the sense of massage - to reduce the swelling or the amount of lymph in the subcutaneous tissue - would not be fulfilled at all: in the absence of nodes, the lymph practically flips in the hypodermis there and back.


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