Mar 7, 2017

Lympho drainage activates lymph flow and dares the lymph nodes, which make up a vital part of the immune system. They are responsible for collecting and draining toxic waste from the tissue. Under normal circumstances, around 4 liters a day flow through the lymphatic system. The lymph contains water, protein, fat, salts, dead cells, bacteria and byproducts of metabolic processes. Unlike blood, lymph flow is not stimulated by the heart.

The Lymph drainage Machine works using incrementally increasing pressure waves. By filling in separate chambers in special cuffs, pressure increased in pre-programmed intervals, which then replaces the non-functioning muscle pump. Light, rhythmic pressure waves spread from the center through the hips, thighs, calves, and toes, or the other way around.

The pressure then eases up, and a new wave starts. This massage is generally considered to be quite pleasant. This method also supports lymph out flow from the tissue. Patient softens feel a sensation of lightness in their legs, and the volume of the thighs and waist diminishes. Cellulite can be effectively treated with 10 of these procedures. An abdominal cuff will contribute to a weight loss, even the so-called “beer belly.” A massage of the abdomen aids indigestion and benefits the intestines. Digestion and waste expulsion are naturally activated.


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