Bill Alen - Aug 19, 2016

For over 5 000 years, humans havehad great experience with lava stone massage. Massages using either warm or hotstone, used specifically for the massage or simply placed on the client's back, have been carried out since ancient times in China, India, and Mesopotamia, aswell as among the Inca and the Maya in South America.

Special therapeutic stones with a temperature of around 55°C are used. Having well-accumulated heat and pulsingwith energy, the stones positively impact muscle tissue.


The effect reaches deep into thebody, and thus affects the sources of pain, stiffness and spasms. At the sametime, lava stone massages perfuse the body well, from the larger veins throughthe smaller capillaries, which gradually warms the whole body, stimulates bloodflow and the lymphatic system, accelerates expulsion of waste, thus detoxifying the organism and supporting the immune system.

Hot Stones massages are an effective way to treat overweight by supporting metabolism and controlling water storage in the body. The effect of these massages is also valued for problems associated with the dimacteric.


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