Gary Diskin - Mar 6, 2018

Unfortunately, oncology has become an integral part of our lives. Luckily, in recent years both the means of detection and methods of cancer treatment have progressed significantly, which is why the phrase "cancer is not a verdict" has become commonplace. Indeed, many people nowadays go back to living a full life after successful treatment. But it is not so simple, often the affected area is cured, but the patient remains untreated. After removal of an organ or its part, supplemented with injuries caused by anti-tumor therapy (chemotherapy, etc.), the body can be difficult to adapt, both in the physiological and psychological sense. That is why more and more experts warn that the majority of patients are in need of rehabilitative treatment after cancer - oncology rehabilitation. Thus, oncology rehabilitation or oncology rehab, in short, is a necessary and integral part of the treatment in patients diagnosed with cancer.

Czech spa resorts have been offering successful therapeutic rehabilitation programs after cancer. The process of oncology rehabilitation differs from the traditional programs of spa resorts, as here “do no harm” principle is put at the forefront. Both the physical and mental condition of cancer patients is often severely undermined by both illness and debilitating treatment and surgery. That's why preparation for rehabilitation treatment requires careful planning.

When is the best time to start of oncology rehabilitation?

Czech specialists recommend starting rehabilitation treatment 3-4 months after the end of the course of anti-tumor therapy or surgery. This period is necessary both for the minimum level of self- rehabilitation of the body, and to confirm the state of remission.  

Which resort is most suitable for regenerative therapy after cancer?

There is no universal program of rehabilitation of cancer, as there is no gradation of resorts more or less suitable for restorative treatment. Each Czech spa has one or more specializations of treatment, so restorative treatment should be chosen depending on the initial diagnosis. For example, for oncology rehabilitation of gynecological diseases or breast cancer, it is better to be treated at Frantiskovy Lazne or Marianske Lazne; Karlovy vary, or Luhacovice are better suited for diagnoses related to the gastrointestinal tract, etc. In any case, you need to understand that the admission of the patient to oncology rehabilitation being negotiated at the stage of registration of the order and in the case of a non-core indication is likely that the order will not be issued. The process of coordination of children's oncological patients is being carried out with special care.

What is the duration of rehabilitation after oncology?

It is necessary to realize that the process of therapeutic recovery from cancer does not tolerate intensive treatment. There is no universal time frame for such recovery. But there is a recommended period of 3-4 weeks depending on the patient's condition. In some cases, 2 weeks may be sufficient, but it is rather an exception. The duration of treatment is recommended by the spa resort doctor at the stage of approval after studying the medical documentation.

How exactly does oncology rehabilitation help to restore the body?

The process of medical recovery takes place in several directions simultaneously. Firstly, a supportive environment - a healthy climate, natural healing resources and a stress-free environment helps the body tune into recovery. Second, the special drinking cure based on natural mineral springs assists in detoxification in the treatment of oncological diseases in remission, improves blood circulation in the body and promotes the removal of harmful substances accumulated in the period of intensive treatment. Thirdly, specialized procedures, such as mineral baths, dry carbon dioxide baths, water and mud baths, manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage, contribute to the improvement of immunity and restoration of the body. An important factor is the monitoring of the rehabilitation process by a group of experts and the adjustment of the program during treatment to achieve the best result.

How is the coordination and ordering of oncology rehabilitation in the Czech Republic?

For Czech patients, the process is quite simple; the attending physician sends the patient card to the chief physician of spa resorts of the dedicated profile. After approval, the patient is offered a date of arrival, and if this date suits him, it remains only to arrive on the appointed day in the reception department of the spa resort. For foreign patients, the procedure is similar; it is necessary to send an actual medical report of the attending physician, which clearly describes the initial diagnosis, the process, and results of treatment, as well as medication. After that, your medical condition is agreed with the chief physician of the spa resort, and after approval, the date of arrival, duration of treatment and other details are determined, for example, if you are going to come alone or with an accompanying person.

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