Osteoarthritis – What are the risk factors? To move or to save the joints?

Osteoarthritis is spreading all over the world. And we cannot wonder since one of the main risk factors is overweight and the age. The people are more and more overweight; the life expectancy is being longer and longer.

The osteoarthritis goes simply together with age but there are also some risk factors we have simply to take care of, because if you have them the disease will sooner or later develop.

Look at your hands: is your index finger shorter than your middle finger? If so, you are in danger. Do your legs have a form of an X or an O? In this case you can be almost sure that osteoarthritis is going to develop, simply because the joints are in a wrong position and so are also wearing more quickly.

Only in Germany 15 million people suffer from painful osteoarthritis. In 2007 200 000 hip joints and 155 000 knees were operated. An artificial joint wears usually in 15 years so if you have an operation when you are 55 it is very probable you will have to have one more. It is always better to keep the original joint as long as the pain is bearable. But be careful this does not mean to save the joints and not to move. Moving it is the best cure!

Doctors in the Czech health spas know about that and that is a reason why the Czech health spas offer special comprehensive rehabilitations packages. These packages consist a right combination  of sport, relaxation and medication and help to keep your joints movable!


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