Osteoarthritis – your joints in danger!

Are you feeling pain in your joints? Are you over fifty? Then be careful. These sings could stand for osteoarthritis symptoms (also known as degenerative arthritis). Osteoarthritis is in fact mechanical degradation of bones. This degeneration happens due to the loss of cartilage - a strong protein matrix that lubricates and cushions the joints. To the main symptom of osteoarthritis joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, creaking, locking of joints, and sometimes local inflammation.

There are two type of the disease:

1. primary Osteoarthritis

If we speak about primary Osteoarthritis we do not know the cause of this sudden degradation of bones.  This type of Osteoarthritis is common by women after menopause, so it is probable that the imbalance of hormones can be one of the leasing causes of Osteoarthritis. There is also other probable cause such as hereditary. If your mother or grandmother suffered from osteoarthritis you are very likely that you will also suffer from this disease in old age.

2. secondary Osteoarthritis

By the secondary Osteoarthritis we know the cause of the bone degeneration. It can be developmental, metabolic, and mechanical cause that leads to the loss of cartrilage.

Although this disease goes pretty well together with the age, you have to be careful. It is not uncommon that people of the age of 30 suffer from the osteoarthritis of the finger joints. After the age of 50 are also the big joints in danger.

More than 7 million have osteoarthritis in the UK, over 27 million in the USA. The population grows older and older, so we can easily expect that the number of people suffering from osteoarthritis will grow.

Dr. Kalousek, the head therapist of the SPA-Resorts.cz, explains: “The biggest problem of the osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis is fact that this disease is a very painful one. If the pain starts to be unbearable, perhaps an operation is the best solution. But before it goes so far it is important to point out, that the joints must stay in motion. There are special medical rehabilitation programs in the Czech health spa centers that help you keep your joints in motion, under special osteoarthritis treatment program. Also it is important to emphasize that the prevention is the single most important thing. And if you were already operated a post operational cure and rehab treatment should help your joints to be healthy again.”


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