Andrea Hausold - Feb 2, 2016

Insatiable cravings for food are one of the most common eating disorders. The food addicts and binge in doctors' offices are still an exception.

Finnish experts analyzed several years ago the changes of proportions by female dolls. The analysis has shown that the illustrated fat percentage by female dolls has fallen sharply since the 50´s and makes today only about 17%. A woman of that percentage would not able to have children or even menstruate. The normal amount of fat in female´s body is about 20-30%.

The abnormal beauty ideal shapes nevertheless the thinking of young women for decades.  Many women try therefore various reduction diets to reach their ideal. The attempt to lose weight by trying strict diets leads very often to contrary results. Strict Diets are one of the main causes of food addiction and binge. The majority of people suffering from food addiction tried to lose their weight by strict diets.

There are also psychical problems involved by the food addiction.  Many patients cannot certainly define their emotions. What they feel is a dull feeling in their stomach. The solution?  Food. They cannot express their feelings properly and seek therefore for sweet consolation. According to the Criteria of American Psychiatric Association have the Binge- Eaters and Food Addicts at least two attacks a week. They manage to eat approximately 1000-2000 calories in two hours. 1800 calories make the average daily requirement of a young woman. What follows after these attacks are the feeling of disgust and guilt and also the fear of consequences of such caloric intake. The main problem of such behavior is that people suffering from this food disorder cannot control their food behavior.  "This behavior leads very often to obesity and depressions", claims Dr Kalousek. "Furthermore causes obesity other health complications such as hypertension, various heart diseases, diabetes and orthopedic problems.  The best way is prevention. Human body needs large variety of nutrients. Reduction diets, that are supposed to lead to weight loss lack necessary nutrients. That is also why the human organism starts longing for them. The results of the lack of nutrients are uncontrollable hunger attacks and the related binge eating." he continues.

The way out of addiction can be very hard but not impossible. The best way is of course prevention. It was proved that healthy lifestyle and sporting activity have positive effects on the psychical condition.In case you suffer from overweight do not chose drastic diets for solution. The best way is to choose effective weight loss program, the best way is to contact a specialists.

Czech health spas offer various weight loss programs and the experts can even help you to find the best way how to overcome the food addiction. Giving up is the easiest way it is nevertheless also the least effective one. 


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