The Office Makes You Fat!

Five days a week, eight hours a day, that is the destiny of us, the office workers. We rarely move while working and the food that is often offered in the canteen makes this combination a tragedy. Tempting snacks, Chocolate, chips… Oscar Wilde said: “One can resist everything except temptation!” and in the canteen is this temptation really big. We do not resist it and start eating. No wonder we put on weight.

Peapod business Delivery sponsored a study investigating eating habits of US office workers. Kaleidoscope brings you the results!

63% of the office workers think it is hard to eat healthy in the office

47% think that there are too many sweets and tempting snacks offered by their canteens

28% are satisfied with the offer

What the office workers want the most is fresh fruit and vegetables, but only 36% of companies regularly purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.

So bring your own fruit and vegetables to work and if already suffer from overweight go to the Czech Spas for treatment!
Czech staff has experience and good results in healing of obesity!


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