Texting messages ruins our health

We use them every day - MP3 players, computers and mobile phones. Although we do not move very much while using them, the daily usage of them puts our joints and back in danger.

The most dangerous of these devices are the mobile phones, especially texting messages. Many people text more than 10 messages a day so no wonder their knuckles suffer. Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden found out, that the knuckles are not the only part of body that suffers.

Egronomist Ewa Gustafsson studied the texting habits of 56 young people who text message on their daily basis. Half of them reported problems with their hands, arms and neck, the other part reported none of these symptoms. This result goes hand in hand with texting habits.

How to text messages without making our body suffer?

1. Do not hunch over while texting.
2. Use both thumbs for texting.
3. Always make a pause when you write long messages.
4. Change your position while writing.
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