Therapeutic Massages – Treatment Procedures in Czech Health SPAs

Sep 8, 2012

There are a number of therapeutic massages actively used in curative treatment programs in Czech Health SPAs. The most common are: Classical massage, Reflexive sole massage, Aroma-therapeutic Massages, Vacuum-compressed massage, Hydro-voltaic massage. In fact the number of massages in offer for therapeutic treatment is much for extensive, for example over the last decade hot stone massage or cupping massage become moreand more popular.



Classical massage is based on the principle of the masterful Swedish method. A variety of alternating strokes are used, including those involving a moderate application of pressure and gentle strokes. This massage helps dean out blood vessels on the surface and the lymphatic nodes, as well as with sweat gland secretion. It normalizes skin tension, helps in the perfusion of the massaged area, absorbing swelling and hemorrhages, it aids in tissue nourishment and relieves pain. A very important form of treatment focuses on muscles, which may be either relaxed or stimulated according to the strokes applied. By affecting perfusion, the massage affects even remote organsand may have general calming or stimulating effects. Besides this general massage, there are also local massages. During a classical massage, spedal non-irritating substances are used, such as massage emulsions and oils.

Reflexive sole massage

Reflexive sole massage is rooted in ancient Chinese healing methods and it is around 3 to 5 thousand years old. It is carried out on the sole and the in step of both feet-a sort of reflexive mirror of the entire body with all of its organs. The massage is preceded by a pleasant massage and foot treatment. It commences with a series of special relaxing and relieving strokes, the goal of which is to relax the many small joints, ligaments and muscles of the foot. The massage itself then treats the many points on the sole, toes, in-steps and around the ankles, in a similar fashion to acupressure. A reflexive massage eliminates the feeling of having stiff feet by relieving any dogs in the legs and it also treats pains in the spine and headaches. It has a positive impact on perfusion and blood flow, regeneration and healing, it functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, relievespain, supports the lymphatic system, accelerates detoxification of the organism and strengthens the immune system.


The Aroma-therapeutic Massage


The Aroma-therapeutic Massage combines the benefits of a classical massage with the effects of essential and vegetable oils, each of which has its own unique properties. This kind of massage helps relieve stress and pain, strengthens the immune system,harmonizes the body and the soul, and has an overall soothing effect. During the massage, the oil soaks deep into the body tissue, bringing not only physical relief but also affecting the client's psyche. In aroma-therapeutic massages menu, we offer refreshing and moderately toning massages, and perfuse massages with tranquilizing and warming effects. These massages include:

1. The refreshing Aromatic DeLuxe Massage

2. The revitalizing Aromatic Massage

3. The aromatic Relaxation Massage

4. The relaxing Fadal and Neck Massage

5. The anti-cellulite Oil Massage

6. The Schwarzwald Energizing Massage


This method utilizes direct current. Sending it intothe human tissue causing active blood flow, it also helps ameliorate the metabolism of the tissue, reduce swelling and exudation, and relieve pain. This procedure can be used for all painful conditions of the locomotive apparatus,be it caused by injury or inflammation. The procedure can be carried out as either a deep galvanizing process such as ione therapy, or as a galvanic bathfor limbs (also known as two or four-chamber baths). The current is applied when each limb is immersed in a separate water vat and linked to either a cathodeor an anode. The negative electrode causes an increase in nerve irritation, the positive electrode rather has a calming effect. Linking the upper limbs to ananode and the lower limbs to a cathode has the effect of a descending galvanization, whereas the opposite would cause an increasing galvanizationwith a tonal effect.

Vacuum-compressed massage

Vacuum-compressed massage with flasks is a therapy method used for over 3 000 years. It utilizes flasksthat are made from either glass or special plastics. The air in the flask isheated, creating vacuum, and when applied to the skin, pulls the skin and thehypodermis in towards the flask. The flasks applied to critical areas, or moved around the patient's back, which must be well-oiled first. As a result, the massaged area becomes well perfused. Localized application of the flasks also yields strong results on joints suffering from swelling and pain. This method issuitable for ailments of the locomotive apparatus, rheumatism, muscle and ligament pain, as well as joint dystrophy. It improves blood flow, activatesthe lymphatic system, aids in detoxicating the body, and thus benefits the immune system. It helps ease headaches, fatigue and any consequences of stress.


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