Sep 14, 2016

The water therapy is a very important rehabilitation method used in Czech health spa. The tradition of the balneo-therapy (water-therapy) has a long term tradition in Czech Therapeutic SPAs.There are some most common procedures are: manual underwater massage, contrastingbath, the Scottish Power Stream.


Hydrotherapy- manual underwater massage

Hydrotherapy is a physical treatment, using baths and sprays of different temperatures and pressure intensities.

The manual underwater massage takes place in a tubwith water heated to 37° C. The massage is performed by a stream of water,10-15 cm from the body. By changing the distance and the angle of the waterstream, the intensity of the massage change. This massage mainly relieves stiffnessin muscles, joints, and ligaments, and relieves pain. The mechanical underwater massage takes place in a hydro-massage tub or a whirlpool. The application of pressure is secured by a set of spouts of different sizes and diameters, which are controlled by special programs.

Changing bath

The changing bathing is a contrasting procedure based on marching in a tub with hot and cold water. At first, the patientmarches in a tub filled with water of about 40°- 50° C for one or two minutes. Then he steps over into a tub with cold water for about half the time and repeats the process 6-10 times. The procedure always ends with the patient stepping out of the cold water and drying himself with a towel. Intermittent Baths are an excellent form of vein gymnastics and they help the blood flow and perforation. They are suitable after foot and ankle injuries, as they helprelieve the joints. They also have a positive impact on headaches and migraines.

The Scottish Power Stream

The Scottish Power Stream is a radical and irritating curative water procedure. A stream of water is applied from a 3 - 4 meter distance under a pressure of upto 3 atmospheres. Water temperatures rapidly changed in the process. The procedure commences with a stream of 38°- 42° C, which is then cooled to16°-18°. This alternating between warm and cold water is repeated several times. The skin perfuses well and turns red, bringing a warm sensation. Scottish power streams increase resistance to temperature difference, positively affect the metabolism and stimulate the immune system.

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