Bill Alen - Mar 5, 2018

There are very few people who have never been affected by the problem of excess weight. Endless diets, special magic pills, various gadgets make the weight loss for you; all this has become a topic for jokes. Nevertheless, the problem exists, and it does not distinguish between sex and age; moreover, it is getting younger – excess body weight in children and adolescents has the real scourge of recent decades. But of course, the main problem is not the excess weight itself, but the diseases that the extra pounds inevitably lead to. In addition to the obvious and inevitable metabolic disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system, extra pounds give rise to a bunch of hidden sores. And here is a direct dependence – the more extra pounds, the more and more serious a disease will be. Although for many, especially women and children, an aesthetic component of excess weight is important, as it often leads to mental disorders.

Few people think about the reasons for the constant weight gain, but most likely try to deal with the extra pounds, which are only the tip of the iceberg and often quickly return back.

The fight against overweight and obesity are typical to most European countries, and many specialists offer some different solutions. The Czech Republic has a significant benefit in this sense.

The presence of an extensive network of spa resorts allowed to develop a range of different treatment programs aimed at weight loss and obesity treatment in both adults and children. Moreover, a spa treatment of childhood obesity for Czech children is mainly paid from the health insurance fund. In any case, the fight against extra pounds in Czech health resorts is systematic and complex.  Doctors, trainers, and psychologists carefully prepare each program. A unique combination of high-quality diagnostic, special procedures, exercises and a balanced diet will help to get rid of extra pounds and improve overall physical and mental health.

Weight loss under the guidance of experts

The main purpose of any spa resort's weight loss program is not only to help you get rid of the extra pounds but also to show you the right way to nutrition and exercise. Most often, the cause of obesity is an incorrect lifestyle that needs to be changed. And a team of experts will be able to help you answer questions about what and how to change in your particular case. It is because weight loss takes place under the supervision of experts, the results come quickly, and the entire weight loss procedure is safe. As part of the weight loss treatment program, you get comprehensive information about a healthy diet that is right for you. In most resorts, you are motivated to go out for long walks or take a bicycle and go for a longer route to discover the surrounding area. In this case, in addition to getting rid of extra pounds, you can relax mentally.

How to choose a therapeutic program for weight loss

Yes, there is a variety of therapeutic programs for weight loss and anti-obesity offered at the spa resorts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia – this is a plus. But paradoxically, it is also the drawback, because to choose the right program of weight loss in itself is not a trivial task. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of program you are looking for – for an adult or a child/teenager. The thing is that children's treatment in health resorts in the Czech Republic should be separated from the treatment of adults by law.

Weight loss treatment programs for adults

Since weight loss/anti-obesity in adults is a commercial area of treatment, the market "demand determines supply" principle works here. Therefore, according to the demand, medical programs aimed at weight loss are mainly offered by 4* spa resorts, i.e., in a more exclusive version. But the market is a market, and of course, a number of resorts offer more economical programs. A question arises in the majority of clients if the program does not come cheap, what else, apart from the individually designed program, monitoring experts, special course nutrition is included in such a weight loss course. Usually, the program is designed for 3 weeks, sometimes for 2 and includes from 25 to 30 treatments per week. The most common treatments are lymphatic drainage of the whole body or individual problem areas of the body, mineral baths, dry carbon baths, anti-cellulite drains, and others. An integral part of each program is an individual fitness plan led by a fitness coach.

Weight loss programs for children / teenagers

In contrast to the treatment programs for weight loss for adults, children's programs in the Czech Republic are more Spartan style and are aimed at special types of physical activity. Of course, balanced nutrition and therapeutic procedures are an essential part, but the physical activity led by specialists is the basis of each weight reduction course for children and adolescents. The duration of children's treatment programs is usually one month. But it is necessary to understand that some programs for children have a limitation. This is because weight loss programs are mainly offered for Czech children and adolescents and from a certain age do not imply the presence of a parent as an escort. Therefore, being in a team with linguistic and cultural barriers can be problematic for many children and adolescents. In this case, it is necessary to think more about an individual program, although this is a more expensive option and requires the support of an adult.

In general, the treatment programs in the Czech health resorts are not for everyone; they require the availability of free time and significant financial investments. But if you do decide to make use of them for yourself, your weight loss treatment may be a combination of the pleasant with the useful. Please send us a request to plan your treatments.


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