Spa description

The historical building of hotel Slovan is situated in a quiet environment of the Sadova Street in Karlovy Vary. The hotel forms a dominant point of this noble avenue by the view from the bottom of the street towards the Park colonnade. The main building of the spa hotel Kriváň is just about 120m far-away. Hotel Slovan recently underwent a general refurbishment during which the easy access was constructed. Hotel Slovan offers above all the high-quality accommodation and delicious food. In the dining room there is a wide choice of fresh and boiled vegetable and salads during breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find a wide range of dietary and vegetarian meals on the menu. Our restaurant “Slavonic cellar” offers a wide choice of the Czech and international cuisine inclusive of dietary and vegetarian meals.

The professional spa care is provided in the main building of spa hotel Kriváň.

Spa procedures

  • bath containing additives
  • bubble hydrotherapy
  • classical massage
  • cryotherapy
  • diet therapy
  • dry carbon - dioxide gas bath
  • EKG
  • Endo-Vaco
  • flotation therapy
  • gas injections
  • gymnastics
  • heat treatment
  • high colonic irrigation
  • inhalation
  • laser
  • lympho-drainage
  • magnetotherapy
  • mechanotherapy
  • medical consultation
  • mineral bath
  • mineral water cures
  • natural carbonic bath
  • natural thermal bath
  • outdoor exercise therapy
  • oxygen treatment
  • paraffin hand wrap
  • peat wrap
  • physiotherapy
  • pool exercises
  • reflex massage
  • rehabilitation exercises
  • rehabilitation swimming
  • sauna
  • solarium
  • solux
  • ultrasound
  • underwater massage
  • yoga

Address & Map

Sadová 5, 360 01 Karlovy Vary