Spa description

Guests of Imperial Spa will find a health spa hotel’s charm and historic style. At the end of the 19th century, Marienbad was a well known spa destination and the meeting point for many European royal families. The Health Spa Resort Imperial was built on the original site of the ‘Kaiser von Österreich' (Emperor of Austria) bathhouse. Altogether with the historic spa resort Hvezda, the Imperial forms a complex facility for an ideal spa vacation. Mariánské Lázně hugely benefits from its natural mineral sources overall and Imperial SPA has its own mineral spring, used for therapeutic procedures for, the source named Balbinuv spring. Built with a special care, the Comfort Zone beauty salon offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments and weight loss programmes to meet the highest expectations of the resort's guests.

Spa procedures

  • acupuncture
  • aerobic
  • aroma baths
  • aroma massage
  • aromatherapy massage
  • bath with peat extract
  • breathing exercises
  • classical massage
  • contrast baths
  • cryotherapy
  • dry carbon - dioxide gas bath
  • dry CO2 gas application
  • dry CO2 gas bath
  • EKG
  • exercise for relaxation
  • face mask
  • heat treatment
  • hot lava rock massage
  • hydrotherapy
  • individual exercise
  • inhalation
  • jacuzzi
  • kinesiology
  • Kneipp's therapy
  • lymph drainage
  • lympho-drainage
  • magnetotherapy
  • manual lympho-drainage
  • mineral bath
  • mineral bath with additives
  • mud bath
  • natural thermal bath
  • oxygen treatment
  • physiotherapy
  • rehabilitation exercises
  • shiatzu massage
  • spinal exercises
  • thai massage
  • volcanic mud baths
  • yoga

Address & Map

7 Goethovo namesti, Mariánské Lázně