Spa description

Spa house Luna is located in Frantiskovy Lazne. This well known spa town which is surrounded by woods and parks is an ideal place for treatment and relaxation. Mineral water, thermal spring gas and sulphur iron peat are successfully used for treatment.
Spa house Luna consists of three buildings and is located directly on the colonnade. The spa house is after reconstruction and provides accommodation in single and double rooms that are equipped with bathroom, television, and most of them also with a refrigerator and telephone.
Medical care focuses on patients with heart and cardiovascular diseases. Alternative procedures such as magnetic therapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, psychotherapy are also used for treatment. Drinking cure is also introduced. Spa house LUNA provides also electro procedures and application of natural CO2.

Spa procedures

  • anti-stress treatments
  • aromatherapy massage
  • bath containing additives
  • breathing exercises
  • bubble hydrotherapy
  • cellulite treatment
  • classical massage
  • climatotherapy
  • cryotherapy
  • cupping massage
  • diet therapy
  • dry carbon - dioxide gas bath
  • EKG
  • endogenic breathing
  • facial massage
  • gas injections
  • gymnastics
  • heat treatment
  • heated peat mud treatment
  • inhalation
  • laser
  • lympho-drainage
  • lymphoven - pressure massage
  • magnetotherapy
  • mechanotherapy
  • medical consultation
  • mineral water cures
  • mud wraps
  • natural carbonic bath
  • natural iodine-bromine bath
  • natural sulphur bath
  • needle spray shower therapy
  • outdoor exercise therapy
  • oxygen treatment
  • paraffin hand wrap
  • paraffin therapy
  • passive exercise
  • peat wrap
  • phototherapy
  • physiotherapy
  • pool exercises
  • reflex massage
  • rehabilitation exercises
  • rehabilitation swimming
  • solux
  • sports massage
  • ultrasound
  • underwater massage
  • whirlpool bath
  • yoga

Address & Map

Národní 14 , Františkovy Lázně