Spa description

The Royal Spa Pawlik is located in the center of the spa park. The new spa clinic is a modern medical center with a wide range of procedures. The curative hotel Pawlik is directly connected to the Aquaforum aquapark and the balneo center of Imperial Baths. In the sanatorium all treatments provided based on local natural healing resources, including traditional peat baths. Guests of the Pawlik Hotel Spa have unlimited access to Aquafora Aqua Park.

Spa procedures

  • breathing exercises
  • classical massage
  • dry carbon - dioxide gas bath
  • EKG
  • gas injections
  • heated peat mud treatment
  • inhalation
  • lympho-drainage
  • medical consultation
  • mineral bath
  • mineral water cures
  • natural carbonic bath
  • oxygen treatment
  • paraffin therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • pool exercises
  • reflex massage
  • rehabilitation exercises
  • whirlpool bath

Address & Map

5.května 106/9, Františkovy Lázně

Kurhotel Pawlik