Number One Hydrotherapy Sanatorium in the World

Established by Vincent Priessnitz, pioneer of  Hydrotherapy, sanatorium successfully cures patients today. The first hydrotherapy centre in the world was established in 1822. Visitors may enjoy about 80 mineral water springs, each is named and registered.
From the SPA town Jesenik is very impressive panoramic view of Jesenik Mountains. Due to protection the region as a natural park the climate conditions, mild and moist, are extremely favourable for healing holidays, especially for respiratory diseases treatments. Exceptionally clean and negatively ionized atmosphere is a doctor itself.

In addition, the local microclimate is suitable for cure of circulatory system disorders, mobility disorders, neurosis, exhaustion states and relaxation.

Professional medical staff and superb physiotherapists treat the sanatorium’s patient with care and special knowledge. Special training for each member of  Priessnitz Sanatorium Crew is required.


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