How does the booking work?

Initially, we take into account all the preferences, primarily for treatment, but also organizational issues, and try to agree on the optimal curative program and time of arrival. At the next stage, a tentative reservation of your treatment is made in the centralized system of spa resorts booking, and then we send you an invoice. After that, a deposit of 10 to 100% of the invoice should be paid (this depends on how much time remains before the treatment starts). For example, if treatment begins in three months or more, 10% deposit is sufficient. The amount of the deposit is determined by the number of available places in the spa resort. Once the deposit is received, the reservation of your treatment is booked and confirmed for you, and a treatment program voucher in your name is issued as a confirmation. 30 days before the start of treatment, you need to pay the balance to cover the entire cost of your treatment program.